Cum arata nepoata celebrului Charlie Chaplin

Nepoata lui Charlie Chaplin este o celebra actrita, star in Game of Thrones si Avatar.

Cum arata nepoata celebrului Charlie Chaplin

Oona Castilla Chaplin, nepoata marelui actor britanic Charlie Chaplin, face valuri la Hollywood, dupa ce a aparut in seriale precum Game of Thrones, Sherlock si Black Mirror.

Numita dupa bunica sa, a patra si ultima sotie a lui Charlie Chaplin, Oona s-a nascut la Madrid pe 4 iunie 1986 si a trait in Spania, Marea Britanie, Elvetia si Cuba, datorita carierei de actrita a mamei sale, Geraldine Chaplin.

Beautiful portrait of Oona at the 17th Malaga Film Festival in 2014 ❤️#oonachaplin

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Fiind cunoscuta pentru rolul Talisei Stark din celebru serial Game of Thrones, ai caror fani isi vor putea aduce aminte de ea din sezonul doi si trei, Oona a mai jucat si rolul iubitei lui Dr. John Watson in mult-iubitul serial britanic Sherlock. Alte roluri in productii importante au fost in filmul din seria James Bond, Quantum of Solace, si in Black Mirror, un serial britanic care prezinta partea intunecata a vietii si a tehnologiei.

The amazingly lovely and beautiful late Queen in the North, Talisa Stark to begin the day 🙂😉😁😁😋😜😍😍😘😏👌🙌👏 Gods, do I miss her so much 😭😭 I don’t know how people didn’t like her character, I thought she was such an absolutely wonderful character on the show. A good and kind Queen, who wasn’t responsible for the deaths at the Red Wedding which I know people are fond of saying but if we’re gonna place blame on someone other than the Frey’s and Lannister’s it shouldn’t be her. #OonaChaplin #TalisaMaegyr #TalisaStark #JeyneStark #JeyneWesterling #TheQueenInTheNorth #RobbStark #TheKingInTheNorth #HouseStark #WinterIsComing #TheNorthRemembers #TheRedWedding #GameOfThrones #ASongOfIceAndFire #GeorgeRRMartin #WaitingForWindsOfWinter #GoTSeason7

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Admiratorii Oonei o vor putea urmari in serialul Taboo si in urmatoarele patru episoade cinematografice ale seriei Avatar, care au fost deja anuntate de regizorul James Cameron.

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